It’s been so hot and dry that I haven’t been inspired to get out for more landscape photos. I’m keeping busy with watering the garden and yard and working on sunflower photos. My sunflower patch is not very prolific this year, so I’m going back over photos from previous years to see what new color combinations can be created. This is one of my favorite images so far, titled “Sunflash” and it is from July of 2013. As I find images that please me, I order note cards and metal prints. Soon I should have enough favorites to publish a little portfolio.

Sunflash 2 FB

Art for Choice Financial Group

I sent my 12 x 12″ painting “Black Butte Grasslands Dream” to Shelley Szudera of Choice Financial Group in Fargo this week. They will purchase the original for one of their banks, and also use the image on a debit card. It’s a great honor to have my work chosen for this project, and I am very grateful for this opportunity. Thanks to Shelley and Choice Financial and to Dayna Del Val of the Arts Partnership for introducing us.

Black Butte Grasslands Dream PW


“Dakota West Reverie” is Finished

I put the final touches on my 12 x 12″ watercolor pencil painting “Dakota West Reverie” today. It is part of a Prairie Reverie series that I have been working on for the last several months, and it’s very enjoyable and gratifying to see them all together, finished and unfinished. The color scheme pleases me very much, and I hope to keep adding to this body of work.

Dakota West Reverie, Finished FB

Sunflower Photo Files

I was going through some of my old photo files the other day, and I came across a sunflower image with a blur filter applied. The dynamic quality of it caught my eye, and I wondered what would happen if I combined a blur filter with color altering filters. The results so far have been quite appealing, and I think there is great potential with this process. Here’s a photo titled “Sunwhirl” that has been blurred and color-changed. There are some other recent samples in the portfolio section of my website.

Sunwhirl FB

Happy Summertime!

Wow! Summertime is upon us already. I have just finished most of the garden planting, but have a few seeds to scatter in here and there, and several drought-tolerant plants to put in somewhere. There are little lupine seedlings emerging, quite a few cosmos, and I’ve planted Oriental poppy seeds and lavender as well. Can’t wait to watch them grow! Enjoy the season! Here’s a photo of daisies on the summer solstice yesterday.

Daisies on Summer Solstice

A Beautiful World

We have been blessed to live on a tremendously beautiful planet. My hope and dream is that we will become people who truly care about it and each other, and that one day we will no longer have to consider going to war. Have a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, everybody. This is a photograph I took of the Little Missouri River region, with my vehicle right in between heaven and earth.

Prairie Exploration PW

Black-And-White Photographs

I was looking at some recent cloud shadow photographs to add to my Fine Art America online page, and discovered that they have a lot of potential in black-and-white. Most of my work lately has been very involved with color, so it will be a refreshing change to switch over to a different way of seeing the badlands and grasslands of North Dakota. Here’s one I’ve titled “Sunlight and Clouds.” Some of these images will be nice additions to my book of photographs, paintings, and drawings.

Sunlight and Clouds PW