Trip to Bismarck

I spent some time in Bismarck recently, helping my sisters with decorating projects. We took a break and went over to see the Autumn Artistry show at Bismarck Art & Galleries Association. It’s always interesting to see my work mixed with that of other artists. All the thinking about wall colors, rugs, furniture, and decor has made me look at my own surroundings again. New rugs have been ordered, and paint color chips have been studied. I think my office wall will be going from a deep cottage red to a paler golden ochre. If that works out, there may be some other walls on the to-do list. Fall is a good time to make a place cozy, and I’m looking forward to some interior decorating of my own.

Bismarck 7

Trip to Miles City

Well, the trip to Miles City for the auction at WaterWorks was beautiful. On the way over, the skies were blue with a swirly cloud here and there, and on the way back it was overcast and rainy. The prairie glowed with autumn color both days. At WaterWorks Art Museum, I was pleased to see that they had my painting “Badlands Nocturne” hung in their entrance hallway. It is part of their permanent collection. My painting “Black Butte Badlands Dream” sold at the auction and will have a new home in Miles City. The trees along the Powder River were a mix of green and yellow, and inspired a photo stop on the westward trip as well as the drive back to Bowman. This is a great time of year in southeastern Montana.

Trees near the Powder RiverTrees near the Powder River

Auction at WaterWorks Art Museum

The 42nd Annual Art Auction will be held tomorrow, September 30th at WaterWorks Art Museum in Miles City. Some of the finest artists from Montana and the surrounding area have been invited to show their work for this fund raising event. My painting “Black Butte Badlands Dream” will be up for bid in the live auction, which starts at 7:00. Doors open at 5:30, and there will be fabulous food and cocktails. Tickets are $20.00. Call the museum at 406-234-0635 for more information.

Black Butte Badlands Dream, Finished FB

A Soft Rain in September

The forecast called for rain last Saturday, but I decided to head out to the grasslands and see how far I could get. Last year I waited too long, and most of the autumn leaves were gone. I was able to walk around the Burning Coal Vein area and take quite a few photos before the occasional sprinkle turned into a real downpour. It was hard to complain about that, though, after our summer of severe drought. There was a nice overcast light and a sweet autumn fragrance, and it was a feast for the eyes in every direction.

Slope County September PW