Black-And-White Photographs

I was looking at some recent cloud shadow photographs to add to my Fine Art America online page, and discovered that they have a lot of potential in black-and-white. Most of my work lately has been very involved with color, so it will be a refreshing change to switch over to a different way of seeing the badlands and grasslands of North Dakota. Here’s one I’ve titled “Sunlight and Clouds.” Some of these images will be nice additions to my book of photographs, paintings, and drawings.

Sunlight and Clouds PW

The Blossoming Prairie

I went up to the Burning Coal Vein area on Thursday, and was delighted by all the sights of springtime on the prairie. There were thickets of plums loaded with fragrant white blossoms, golden currant shrubs covered with spicy yellow flowers, and downy paintbrush, butte marigolds, wild onions, blue-eyed grass, pussy-toes, and gumbo lilies growing among the prairie grasses and chips of scoria. A young white horse cavorted near its mother at the Logging Camp Ranch, exuding sheer joy at being alive during springtime in North Dakota. I felt the same way.

Plum ThicketBlossoming Plum Thicket near the Burning Coal Vein

Happy Earth Day

Here’s wishing all of you a Happy Earth Day as we pause to celebrate and honor and support the planet that sustains us in so many ways. Here’s a photo of one of my favorite places on earth, the Burning Coal Vein area northwest of Amidon. The title of it is “Burning Hills Home.”

Burning Hills Home FB

The Little Missouri River

It would be hard to overstate the importance of the Little Missouri River to the landscape, people and culture of southwestern North Dakota. Here’s a photo I took in early April of the river at the Logging Camp Ranch northwest of Amidon. I really like the way the filtered colors broke up in this iconic view of the beloved Little Mo.

Badlands River Reverie 2 PW

Additions to Portfolio Section

I’ve been adding images of recent paintings and photographs to the portfolio section of this website. It seems that I’ve been so busy with Fine Art America, Pinterest, and Facebook that my own website has been overlooked, and I’ll have to pay more attention in the future. Here’s a new photograph of the Burning Coal Vein area, “Burning Hills Tapestry.”

Burning Hills Tapestry PW

“Golden Dakota Daydream”

I went for a drive up to the Burning Coal Vein last Sunday, and soaked up the sights and sounds of early spring in the North Dakota badlands. There were meadowlarks and robins, crocus and buffaloberry blossoms, and a pale tint of green grass here and there. This is a great time of year for my filtered photographs, and I gathered plenty of new material for future paintings. I brought some sketchbooks along, but didn’t have the time or energy for them by the end of the day. And my new computer tablet will require further study before I can use it successfully in the field. Anyway, the countryside was, as usual, pure delight.

Golden Dakota Daydream PW